TreasureToons is a brand new series of animated lyric videos created by Cassie ByramThese fully animated videos are based on original songs with joyful verses directly from the Bible. Plant the Word of God in the youngest among us with delightful animation entertainment! Your kids will be singing along while memorizing scripture in no time…for a lifetime.

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“What Cassie Byram and her team have created with TreasureToons is a fantastic way for young children to learn the Word of God. It’s never too early to instill Scripture in our children, and what better way than through music? I’d recommend this DVD to any parent!”

Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
Bestselling Author of The Blessed Life, Truly Free, and Frequency

“Cassie Byram has created a wonderful teaching tool for young people. Learning the word of God and Biblical principles in a fun way is sure to be a great blessing to your children.”

Kathie Lee Gifford
Television host, Actress, Singer and Author

Gavin & Patti McLeod300x280

“TreasureToons lives up to its name – Its a treasure and its toons are very inspiring for young ones, as well as for us older children. I can’t wait to have my younger grandchildren enjoy the experience. Cassie Byram and all concerned should be very proud of this wonderful ministry tool or toon.” 🙂

Patti and Gavin McLeod
Captain of The Love Boat

Martha Williamson300x280

“Singing is a tried and true way to hide the Word of God in our children’s hearts, and TreasureToons is a gem of a fun way to do just that!”

Martha Williamson
Executive Producer and Creator 
“Touched by an Angel”


“TreasureToons is a charming animated DVD with toe taping music that all can sing-along too. It puts in song the wonderful lessons about what God wants us to do when it comes to how we act and our faith. There are Bible verses with each song along with the great voices to sing the praises to God. This is truly a DVD that the family will enjoy and great to take on trips if you can play them in the vehicle as you travel, for all to sing along. With the cute illustrations, we are proud to award the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for all ages to “TreasureToons” DVD.”

The Dove Foundation
Rated: 5 out of 5 Doves
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“Researchers tell us that music activates various parts of the brain to “get ready for thinking,” but in addition to the “head stuff,” music is just plain fun! The Biblical overlay in TreasureToons adds critically important content that gives meaning to everyday life. What a delightful way for children and their families to engage with God’s Word!”

Dr. Mary Manz Simon
Early Childhood Educator and Award-Winning Author

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These fun, animated lyric videos are sure to delight your kids and everyone in the family.

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“I just wanted to tell you that my kids and I have been loving your scripture songs. I have it in our living room and we listen to it every single morning while we wake up and play and eat breakfast. I LOVE starting our morning out with scripture. And I LOVE that when those songs get stuck in my head that they are great reassuring scriptures for me to hear and wonderful reminders of God’s love. Thank you for filling our home each morning with beautiful scripture music. It is a nice relaxing and joyful way to start the day!”

Charissa Osterman
Mother of 2 pre-schoolers

“Praise God. I had just been asking the Lord for more creative ways to plant God’s Word into my grandchildren. My four year old and two year old grandsons just watched your animated video and heard your scripture songs. They loved it. My four year old Elijah said, ‘Play some more. Then he just layed down on ‘Grammy’s comfy couch’ and soaked in such peaceful music. What a ministry you have, Cassie, reaching into the souls of children with God’s Word. And His Word never returns void. So your planting is permanent. I will be sharing this with my seven year old granddaughter, Bella as well. Thanks again for your music.”

Grace Munger
Grandmother of 3

“We have a nine-year-old granddaughter who was adopted from China a year ago. Emotionally and mentally, she’s more like a three-year-old, and she’s still trying to learn English. The other day, she drew a picture of herself. Then she tried to tell us what it was. We finally figured out she was saying, “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.” She learned that from your video, so thanks!!! Many Blessings to you Cassie.”

Jeanne Dennis
Grandmother and Host of Heritage of Truth




tt_product1TreasureToons DVD

Only: $11.99

TreasureToons is 55 minutes of entertaining musical animation including Sing-a-Long versions and other bonus material. Plant the Word of God into young hearts and minds with music combined with fun animation. TreasureToons will have your kids laughing and learning scripture in no time…for a lifetime.

TreasureToons Combo

Separately Priced: $21.98
Bundled Together: $15.99

This bundle features the brand new TreasureToons DVD and the Wonderfully Made CD. It’s a great value and the perfect gift for your family and friends! 

TreasureToons DVD [12-pack]

Bundled Together: $99.99

BULK PRICING: 12 individual wrapped TreasureToons DVD bundled together for one low price! Perfect for churches, groups or schools!  Plant the Word of God into young hearts and minds with music combined with fun animation. TreasureToons will have your kids laughing and learning scripture in no time…for a lifetime.

Sweet Dreams CD/Book Set

Separately Priced: $26.98
Bundled Together: $21.99

Talk about Sweet! This special offer makes the perfect gift that will create quality time together for parents, grandparents and young children at bedtime. Destined to become a family tradition, Sweet Dreams will help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Perfect for baby showers, baptisms & dedications!

Sweet Dreams CD

Only: $9.99

Sweet Dreams is an album of comforting bedtime Scriptures set to original lullaby melodies. Sung by award-winning vocalist Cassie Byram and accompanied by beautiful, classically inspired music, Sweet Dreams will appeal to young and old alike. It’s designed to help anchor God’s Word into young hearts at the earliest of ages. Sweet Dreams is the perfect gift for baby showers, baptisms, dedications and so many more treasured family occasions. Comforting bedtime Scriptures set to original lullaby melodies! Physical CD with full artwork, credits and lyrics.

Wonderfully Made CD

Only: $9.99

Wonderfully made is the latest CD from the Lifetime Scripture Songs collection by award-winning vocalist Cassie Byram. These up-beat, playtime songs will have kids singing along and memorizing bible verses in no time. Designed to anchor God’s Word into young hearts, these songs are great for ages 4 years old and beyond. With lyrics straight from the Bible and music straight from the heart! Physical CD with full artwork, credits and lyrics.

Sweet Dreams Book

Only: $16.99

This companion book to the Sweet Dreams CD by Cassie Byram is the perfect bedtime book for children and their moms, dads and grandparents. Designed in a colorful scrapbooking style, each page brings a new surprise of shimmering images guaranteed to delight any preschooler. The perfect bedtime book – engaging young hearts with God’s Word!

Meet the Creators

Cassie Byram


Cassie Byram began her professional career in entertainment at the age of 19.  An award winning actress, singer, and songwriter, Cassie’s career encompasses theater, film, television, voice-overs, published songwriting and multiple album releases for adults and children alike.

Her many stage roles include Marguerite in The Scarlet Pimpernel, Christine in Phantom of the Opera, the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Maria in West Side Story for which she received an Outstanding Achievement in Theater Award for Best Actress.

For two years, Cassie guest-starred on the T.V. series, Jake and the Fat Man.  She co-starred in the pilot episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Civil Wars. You can also see her in the feature film, The Time Changers with Gavin MacLeod and Jennifer O’Neil.

Cassie is featured singing the solo “If I Loved You” in the film City Hall starring Al Pacino, and was honored to work with the legendary film director, Hayao Miyazaki as the featured soloist in the classic animated film, Totoro.

Her latest project is TreasureToons, a series of animated lyric scripture songs with music from her Lifetime Scripture Songs album, Wonderfully Made.  Each scripture song is fully animated to engage and capture children’s hearts with God’s Word.

“The scripture songs I’ve written along with the TreasureToons project are my way of blending faith and career through music and animation. One of the greatest gifts for me personally was collaborating on these projects with my sons and my husband.”

Cassie describes her greatest accomplishments as being a wife and proud mother of her two boys.

David Varela

David Varela grew up in Burbank, California and has been a longtime family friend of the Byram family. He met Benjamin Byram in middle school after joining the show choir program and they have been friends ever since. David has been creating freelance animation since 2011, when he developed an independent video game with Benjamin and two other childhood friends.

David has consistently worked on animations for his church, Christian Assembly, since accepting Christ in 2013. Though relatively new to his faith, he jumped at the opportunity to be the animator of the Treasure Toons project. He felt naturally called to it not only because it spoke to his personal beliefs but also utilized his talents and gifts. In addition to animation, he is currently pursuing voice acting as a career and has recorded commercials that have aired on both radio and TV.


Jonathan Byram


Jonathan Byram began his music and film career at a young age.  His movie credits include Hairspray with John Travolta, High School Musical 1&3 for Disney, and most recently, Jurassic World with Chris Pratt. 

Jonathan has recorded and worked with many top artists including Adele on the Academy Awards and Josh Groban on his album Stages.

As a film composer, Jonathan has scored numerous films with several winning awards at film festivals around the country.  He is currently writing songs for a new animated feature length film titled “Otto.”

He has orchestrated and arranged music for several notable groups and recording artists including Anna Nalick on her follow up album to her mega hit “Breathe (2 A.M.)”, the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Orchestra, and the BIOLA University Symphony Orchestra.  His chamber music works include “Immersion”, a commission by the Los Angeles Idealist Network to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy, and his original underscores for “The Hasty Heart” and a modern-industrial interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” won critical acclaim for live theater. 

Jonathan serves as choir director at Reality LA Church in Hollywood and for Village Christian School in Sun Valley, CA.  He is also currently the Music Director and a songwriter for “O Little Town of Bloomington” to premiere Christmas 2016 at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, CA.

Benjamin Byram

Benjamin Byram is an LA born and raised music producer and songwriter.  Raised by musicians and creators, Benjamin has been a part of the music industry his whole life starting as a young child singing on feature films such as Peter Pan (2003), Christmas with the KranksDisney’s High School Musical 2 & 3, and Camp Rock 1 & 2and Studio Ghibli’s From Up On Poppy Hill as well as major record releases such as The All American Rejects’ “Move Along” and Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy”.

Benjamin graduated with a BA in Music Industry Studies from Cal State Northridge (CSUN) after serving as the co-executive producer of CSUN’s student run record label Five of Five Music Entertainment as well as their GRAMMY U campus ambassador for 2 years. During the later portion of his education and after, Benjamin worked at legendary LA studio The Village Recorder during the recording of major albums such as Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories”.

Benjamin produced a remix for pop star Kimbra of her single “Settle Down” that was then released by Warner Music Group and has also done production work for close friend Ben Hardesty, lead singer of the band The Last Bison previously signed with Universal Republic Records. With a versatile yet bold sound in the pop and urban music genres Benjamin has been doing production and engineering work for major artists and songwriters including Fetty Wap, King Mez, LunchMoney Lewis and many more.


Amick Byram


Amick Byram has a rich history in the world of entertainment both in Hollywood and New York.  As a commercial theater producer, Amick directed five world premieres of new musicals with individual show budgets to $8 million and has produced regionally and in NYC.  He is the Founding Producing Director of the prestigious American Coast Theater Company, and is a guest lecturer at leading colleges and universities presenting master classes in the arts and seminars on The Business of the Business.

Amick has produced major events for Fortune 500 companies both in the U.S. and internationally, was the Executive Producer and Director of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Nation of Israel in Los Angeles CA, and was a producer of the television and radio advertising campaign “You’ll Never be the Same” for the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

An accomplished singer and actor, he sang the role of Moses in the movie, The Prince of Egypt, starred on Broadway, and has been a series regular and guest star on several television shows.  He has two Grammy Award nominations and has a performance that received an Emmy Award nomination. 

With a degree in business, Amick brings a depth of experience, skills, and knowledge to any project he is a part of and finds himself on both the creative and business side being able to seamlessly think, work, create and problem solve in both spheres. Amick is proud of the mission of TreasureToons to reinforce the Word of God in the hearts of kids and families everywhere.

Amick’s finest accomplishment is his marriage to Cassie, the CEO of his life and the co-producer of his two sons, Jonathan and Benjamin.

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